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Skilled, efficient representation in all phases of legal disputes

   Civil disputes are significant disruptions to everyday life, posing risks to our productivity, pocketbook, and well-being. For that reason, it can be invaluable to have the assistance of an experienced attorney to share the load and vindicate your legal interests. Sometimes favorable outcomes can be reached before a lawsuit is filed. Other times litigation is simply unavoidable, and the conflict must be resolved in court.


    At Jackson, Tullos & Rogers, our attorneys bring years of vigorous, sophisticated litigation experience to bear on our clients’ disputes. Having successfully represented the interests of individuals and businesses in the Pine Belt––as well as national and international corporations––in trials and appeals in state and federal courts, our lawyers are skilled in and comfortable with every aspect of the litigation process.


    We are well-equipped to handle a broad range of legal disputes, including those within the following areas:

  • General Tort

  • Business Litigation

  • Labor and Employment 

  • Probate and Estate Disputes

  • Professional Liability & Licensure

  • Tax Controversies

  • Product Liability

  • Appeals

  • Arbitrations and Mediations

  • Contracts and Non-competes

  • Local Counsel for Significant Lawsuits 

Practice Area Contact:
John B. Howell III
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