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Broad offerings of business formation, governance, taxation, and transactional services


    What they say is true: it's more challenging to run a business now than ever before. If you're just starting up, making wise decisions at the outset is critical for positioning your company for long-term success. And once the business is running, it is important to have seasoned counsel to call on as needs arise. Is it advisable to enter this contract? How do I handle this difficult employment situation? Is the company compliant with the seemingly endless web of federal and state laws and regulations? We regularly assist our clients with these sorts of questions, many of which arise quickly and require prompt attention.

    When it comes to buying or selling a business, we have the know-how to make sure our clients' interests are guarded and the appropriate questions are asked. And our deep knowledge of tax law ensures that every angle of a contemplated transaction is thoughtfully considered.

   Among others, we offer the following business-related services:

  • Business Formation and Governance

  • Tax Advice

  • Shareholder Agreements and Business Succession

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Lease Agreements

  • Contract Drafting and Review

  • Employment Law Advice and Policies

  • Tax-exempt Organizations

  • Franchise Formation, Management, and Transfers


Practice Area Contact:
Robert T. Jackson, Jr.
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